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CINEGEL Colour Correction System

2016, 1:00, silent


CINEGEL was shot frame by frame on 16mm film on a Bolex. A digital transfer of the original negative was edited on and finished to video.  It uses the 1.5 x 3 inch pieces of cinematographers’ colour correction filter samples found in a Rosco swatchbook,  layering them into dynamic fields of colour and form.  The filters are backlit by a lightbox. The rounded forms in the first half of the video made using the holes in the filter samples that hold the swatch-book together.  The second section uses the same filters’ edges to produce a harder, sharper feel distinct from the first half.  The 16mm was originally shot for use in a series of lightbox art works exhibited at the Dale Smith Gallery in Ottawa.  The positive print struck from the negative was cut up and placed in vertical strips on white plastic backlit by compact florescent light bulbs.  This video shows two of the lightboxes, in motion as it were - the rounded forms of the first half make up one lightbox with the straight lines forming the second.

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