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World Folk Music Ottawa The One World Choir  

Centre de production Daimon Artists Interview Series - Caroline Gagné / Chuck Samuels / Pixie Cram /  Philippe Lesage / Jacqueline Hoang Nguyen / Exhibition Promos 

Pinegrove Productions The Eeyouch of Eeyou Istchee  (Episodes 3 & 4) | Studio of Dreams

Théâtre LaCatapulte  Frères d’hiver | Apocalyspe à Kamloops

Independent Media Arts Alliance Arts Day on the Hill 2014 (MP Interviews)

Portrait Gallery of Canada/OCISO Family Portraits: Immigration and Identity 

Nobel Women’s Initiative various

Laurent de Crombrugghe Héritiers de Champlain

Jaku Konbit mentorship program

SAW Video mentorship program


Josée Dubeau Jeux – Turntable | Utopie Moderne | Street Intervention in London | Weightlessness   

Marie-Jeanne Musiol Luminous Fields | Champs de lumière  

François Dion espaciomexico

Andrée Préfontaine Les apprenants 

Leslie Reid Heartbeat | Resolute | Dark Light: Harecastle | Cape Pine: The Station | Cape Pine: Memoria

Penny McCann Land Lines (of time and place) in no particular order | Crashing Skies

Eric Walker The View From Point Pleasant

Robert Tombs Brigus Mark | Erfurt 

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